Round One

DayPlay dateCategoriesThread
R1D1July 30, 2018Parallel, Newbery Medal Winners
R1D2July 31, 2018Psychology, Retain +1 anagrams
R1D3August 1, 2018NetHack does mythology, Italian pasta names
R1D4August 2, 2018Say it ain't so, Joe, "OO" sorry
R1D5August 3, 2018Powers of ten, World capital superlatives
R1D6August 3, 2018Tree-athlon, All in the family

Round Two

DayPlay dateCategoriesThread
R2D1August 6, 2018Ordained ministers, Four letter words, ends matching
R2D2August 7, 2018Stamp collecting, Islam
R2D3August 8, 2018Stages, Kitty lit 2: Revenge of the tabbies
R2D4August 9, 2018Used cars, Getting to Kevin Bacon
R2D5August 10, 2018Black's Friday, The Planet Earth
R2D6August 10, 2018Colonial India, Cryptic crossword clues "P"

Round Three

DayPlay dateCategoriesThread
R3D1August 13, 2018In Bruges, Business & industry
R3D2August 14, 2018Retronyms, Entertainment before & after
R3D3August 15, 2018At the arcade, Governors
R3D4August 16, 2018Yes, in "DD", American artists
R3D5August 17, 2018It's in Your Head, Tributes
R3D6August 17, 2018A capital idea, Baby Ruth

Round Four

DayPlay dateCategoriesThread
R4D1August 20, 2018"Z" names, British literature
R4D2August 21, 2018A river runs through it, "Bi"-curious
R4D3August 22, 2018Seventeen, Sports finance
R4D4August 23, 2018Thursdays at 8 in the 8's, "B" in science
R4D5August 24, 2018Flags, Tokyo Story
R4D6August 24, 2018Add an E, Rome, if you want to

Round Five

DayPlay dateCategoriesThread
R5D1August 27, 2018Music geography, The 1890 U.S. census
R5D2August 28, 2018A watery category, The horror
R5D3August 29, 2018Holidays and observances, Servants in film & TV
R5D4August 29, 2018Irish books & authors, Hebrew
R5D5August 31, 2018Colleges & universities, The dreaded opera category
R5D6September 1, 2018Sue's clues, Changes in chemistry

Round Six

DayPlay dateCategoriesThread
R6D1September 3, 2018Lotteries, You asked for it
R6D2September 4, 2018Dwarf planets, Ends with "one"
R6D3September 5, 2018Colorful eyes, Time zones
R6D4September 6, 2018Game shows with multiple hosts, Classical music inspired by water
R6D5September 7, 2018For the birds, Hamilton
R6D6September 7, 2018U-R: The category, You are the category

Tournament of Champions

DayPlay dateCategoriesThread
TOCD1September 10, 2018Amendments in the Supreme Court, Classic films
TOCD2September 11, 2018American poetry, Three in a row
TOCD3September 12, 2018You've got the power, Going out with a bang
TOCD4September 13, 2018Advertising, European history
TOCD5September 14, 2018Edible idioms, Potent potables
TOCD6September 14, 2018Organizations, Economics