By Peachbox.

(2/-1) A large palm planted near an orange grove, the Dominguez tree is the only surviving tree of a family farm that now sits on this property in Anaheim, California.8534
(4/-2) Fernando Seguignol of the Ottawa Lynx (how appropriate!) was the first pro baseball player to hit a home run with a bat of this wood, not the traditional ash.54731
(6/-3) Connecticut's state quarter depicts this kind of tree in which the state's charter was hidden for safekeeping.66521
(8/-4) Published anonymously in 1872, Under the Greenwood Tree was this author's second published novel and his first to be set in Wessex.35255
(10/-5) Although its score was published in 1911, this opera set on an Arkansas plantation was not performed in full until 1972.14870

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