All in the family

This category is about television shows with "Family" in the title.

(3/-1) Born Colin Lionel Emm, this host of a family game show kissed (and later married) Gretchen Johnson, one of the contestants on the show.7679
(6/-2) The kooky title family of this '60s show was first featured in 1930s New Yorker cartoons.8336
(9/-3) A hard clam, or the city where [i]Family Guy[/i] is set.8309
(12/-4) [i]Married with Children[/i] star Ed O'Neill plays this patriarch of the Pritchett family on [i]Modern Family[/i].36353
(15/-5) On the 1976-1980 series [i]Family[/i], this is the family name of Kate, Doug, Willie, and Letitia, who live in Pasadena.6086

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