Ordained ministers

By Magna. Each clue refers to a person who was ordained clergy (but it may not be that person's claim to fame).

(2/-1) Later a PBS mainstay dubbed “America’s favorite neighbor,” he got his start on TV as a puppeteer on “The Children’s Corner.”9100
(4/-2) In the locker room after a bout, this boxer (and later grill pitchman) had a “deeply religious experience,” became a minister, and has been preaching since 1980.9001
(6/-3) This fiery reality TV contestant eventually became a fixture at the White House before resigning in early 2018.74116
(8/-4) One of the last surviving people in the famous photograph seen here, this man later became LBJ’s White House Press Secretary, and was a PBS political commentator.20764
(10/-5) At the Paris Olympics, this “Flying Scotsman” refused to run in qualifying heats on a Sunday, yet managed to win gold in a different event.25264

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