Stamp collecting

(2/-1) First issued on May 1, 1840, the world's first post-office issued adhesive postage stamp featured the profile of this famous person.492417
(4/-2) The USPS goofed when it printed 4.9 billion forever stamps of a replica in Las Vegas instead of this real national monument in New York City.8532
(6/-3) The first commemorative stamps in the U.S. were a set of 16 stamps honoring this city's World's Columbian Exposition in 1893.66222
(8/-4) Enthusiasts know this name for the study of postal history and stamp collecting.7848
(10/-5) Two-word nickname for the 24-cent 1918 stamp that's valuable because the Curtiss JN-4 was erroneously printed upside-down.53631

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