Getting to Kevin Bacon

(3/-1) John Belushi and Tim Matheson both have Bacon number 1 because they starred in this raunchy 1978 film, Bacon's first.76011
(6/-2) One way to link Alex Trebek to Kevin Bacon: Trebek played himself in The Bucket List with this Oscar-nominated star of A Few Good Men.7809
(9/-3) Among those appearing with Bacon in 1991's JFK is this actor who played a New York lawyer defending an Alabama murder case in a 1992 film.32946
(12/-4) In Apollo 13, Bacon's Jack Swigert lifted off with Jim Lovell (played by Tom Hanks) and Fred Haise, played by this actor who appeared in Titanic.40443
(15/-5) Ryan Gosling and Steve Carell joined Bacon in this 2011, comedy, film.32352

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