Black's Friday

By WooWho?

(2/-1) In 2013, Rebecca Black continued the calendar theme by joining with Dave Days on this sequel to "Friday".70111
(4/-2) One of "Friday"'s many criticisms was its extensive use of this software, which Time called "Photoshop for the human voice".7714
(6/-3) The cast of this show covered "Friday" as part of a May 2011 episode titled "Prom Queen"--eat your heart out, Kate Middleton!67114
(8/-4) On March 29, 2011, "Friday" surpassed the music video for this Justin Bieber song as the most disliked YouTube video.48034
(10/-5) One ad campaign that used the song: "Black Friday, Black Friday, got to go to" this Wisconsin-headquartered department store "on Black Friday".30646

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