By Woof. A retronym is a new name for a familiar thing, typically that comes into being only after something similar is introduced. You should provide the retronym (or new name) suggested by the clue: be sure to give a complete response.

(2/-1) The presence of a clutch pedal in your car is indicative of this disappearing two-word feature in cars.65126
(4/-2) This popular soft drink only acquired its retronym after a failed marketing campaign in 1985.68141
(6/-3) People were using these to tell time long before this retronym came into being in the digital age.69410
(8/-4) These power sources are hard to recycle, leading to the more recent introduction of rechargeable versions.421724
(10/-5) On the cooking instructions for many frozen foods, you'll find a reference to this kitchen appliance for a slower approach to heating than its more modern counterpart.441524

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