Entertainment before & after

Put together combinations of classic novels and familiar movies and television shows. As usual, each correct response consists of two halves connected by a common word or words.

(3/-1) An angel earns his wings by helping a tiger named Richard Parker survive a shipwreck in the Pacific Ocean.7409
(6/-2) An Anthony Burgess novel reflecting on the unintended consequences of chemically treating women in an Upstate New York minimum security prison.7535
(9/-3) In Theodore Dreiser's 1900 debut, a small-town girl moves to New York City to become this alter-ego of newspaper columnist Candace Bushnell.44039
(12/-4) Before she dies at the hands of her psychotic cross-dressing therapist, Angie Dickinson helps exonerate an Alabama man falsely accused of rape.32645
(15/-5) John Updike opens his Pulitzer-winning series about a salesman and erstwhile high-school basketball star who decides to train for a marathon to lose weight and win back the heart of his former fiancee.15563

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