At the arcade

(2/-1) Fiorello La Guardia campaigned to ban pinball in this city; the ban was lifted when Roger Sharpe demonstrated in a courtroom that pinball was a game of skill.8001
(4/-2) This game invented in 1908 has a ramp with an incline at the end to launch the rolled balls into scoring holes.7614
(6/-3) In a Simpsons parody of this 1995 Kevin Costner film's budget problems, Milhouse complains about having to insert 40 quarters to continue playing the arcade adaptation.70110
(8/-4) Steve Wiebe jumped to first in April 2018 when Twin Galaxies struck Billy Mitchell's record score of 1,047,200 on this arcade game.40437
(10/-5) In the English version of Pac-Man, this is the only letter that the four ghost names all have in common.62118

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