A capital idea

(2/-1) The annual host of the original Oktoberfest, this is the capital of the largest, by area, of Germany's 16 states.6942
(4/-2) This city, with about 21 million people in its metropolitan area making it the most populous city in the world south of the equator, is the capital of the largest state or primary subdivision of a country in the entire Western Hemisphere.461910
(6/-3) Named in honor of a famous visitor to its harbor, this capital of Australia's Northern Territory is the least populous of the country's eight state and territory capitals.6537
(8/-4) This city, the 22nd most populous in its state according to the 2010 Census, is the northernmost of the U.S. state capitals in the contiguous 48 states.391422
(10/-5) This city, the first in Asia to host the Winter Olympics, is the capital of the northernmost of Japan's 47 prefectures.491511

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