Retain +1 anagrams

By Magna. Each correct response is an anagram of the word "retain" plus one other letter. In each case, the other letter is up to you to determine. Your answer must contain exactly 7 letters.

(3/-1) A temporary outdoor toilet facility, often consisting of a pit dug in the ground.9509
(6/-2) A muezzin calls Muslims to prayer from this turret or tower connected to a mosque.92012
(9/-3) An object's resistance to change in its state of motion; it's the subject of Newton's first law of motion.10112
(12/-4) A key component of baleen, horns, and human finger- and toenails is this fibrous structural protein.9905
(15/-5) This Greek white or rosé wine flavored with pine resin has been produced for at least 2000 years.35267

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