Sports finance

(3/-1) Of the world's ten largest revenue-producing professional sports leagues, half play this sport.7023
(6/-2) In May 2018, this Atlanta quarterback and one-time Super Bowl participant became the first NFL player ever to sign a contract worth a guaranteed $100 million.44031
(9/-3) In 1969, this player refused to report to the Philadelphia Phillies following a trade; his challenge to the reserve clause started a movement that led to free agency.42330
(12/-4) In 2016, Monica Abbott became the first women's team sports player to sign a $1 million contract, though her guaranteed base salary, by league rules in this sport, was limited to $20,000.19947
(15/-5) NBA owner Donald Sterling made headlines in 2014 for poor behavior forcing him to sell this NBA franchise for $2 billion--almost four times the previous NBA record.6339

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