Thursdays at 8 in the 8's

(2/-1) 1998 NBC: This top-rated show set mostly in Manhattan apartments and a coffee shop featured six 20-somethings and the occasional exotic pet.7501
(4/-2) 1978 CBS: This drama about a family with seven children living in rural Virginia was viewed in more than 20 million homes weekly for most of its run.6259
(6/-3) 1968 ABC: You might have liked, really liked, this campy sitcom set in a Puerto Rican convent.64012
(8/-4) 2018 CW: This is the only currently-airing non-animated network show with more than 200 episodes filmed that has switched networks during its run.21154
(10/-5) 1958 NBC: On this quiz show, Groucho Marx asked the questions, and rewards sometimes dropped from the ceiling held by a toy duck wearing his trademark glasses and mustache.63112

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