NetHack does mythology

This category is about mythology as used in the classic computer game [i]NetHack[/i].

(2/-1) Like in the Aladdin folk tale, you can rub a magic one of these objects (not a ring) to summon a djinn who can grant a wish.10100
(4/-2) You can defeat Medusa by reflecting her gaze, but in myth, this slayer of Medusa used a reflective shield to safely look at her.721217
(6/-3) This god who stole the Amulet of Yendor has the same name as the Canaanite god to whom firstborns were sacrificed.145037
(8/-4) This lawful goddess of samurai is also the Japanese sun goddess.23375
(10/-5) Valkyrie are the most capable of throwing and catching an artifact lightning-producing war hammer based on a mythical weapon with this name.69032

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