The 1890 U.S. census

(3/-1) According to the census results, New York was the most populous state; this neighboring state was 2nd.59133
(6/-2) First used in the 1890 census, Herman Hollerith's tabulator was fed data recorded on this specific medium.38532
(9/-3) The 1890 Census found that this part of the American landscape no longer existed; Frederick Jackson Turner wrote about its significance in American history.55119
(12/-4) Most of the data from the 1890 census was destroyed in a 1921 fire in a building housing this cabinet department that now administers the census.39630
(15/-5) The least populous state, with 47,355 residents, was this state that lost nearly 15,000 in the previous decade after a mining bonanza subsided.40827

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