Servants in film & TV

By Magna.

(3/-1) This popular PBS series, created by Julian Fellowes, recounts the joys and travails of the Crawley family and their servants; Maggie Smith starred as a countess.6425
(6/-2) Fellowes also wrote this 2001 murder mystery film, in which the servants catch on much quicker than the upper crust; Maggie Smith starred as a countess in this, too.32039
(9/-3) This British period series from the early 1970s starred Jean Marsh, Gordon Jackson, and Angela Baddeley (among many others) as servants to the Bellamy family.48122
(12/-4) John Gielgud won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for portraying this title character's valet Hobson; thirty years later, Helen Mirren played Hobson (as the title character's nanny) in a remake.42029
(15/-5) In this 1977 Disney live-action movie, David Niven plays Helen Hayes' butler Priory, who disguises himself as various other servants to conceal the fact that they have been let go.4067

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