You asked for it

(3/-1) GERMANS IN COEN BROTHERS FILMS--A group of German nihilists claims to have done a kidnapping in this huge 1998 film about two people with the same name.50415
(6/-2) "S"WORDS ETYMOLOGY--This synonym of sheath comes from the Anglo-Norman French word escalberc.6414
(9/-3) CHESS, OPERA, & PRESIDENTS NAMED BARACK PENCIL & PAPER MATH--(# titling a 2006 film about the Battle of Thermopylae) + (# of spaces on a chessboard) + (# of operas by Beethoven) = this number of electoral votes Obama won in 2008.49812
(12/-4) CLASSIC ADVENTURE GAMES MISSING VOWELS (we've taken a game title, removed the vowels A, E, I, O, and U, and changed the spacing; you supply the correct title)--GR MFN DNG14154
(15/-5) NEW ZEALAND WORLD LANGUAGES--After English and Maori, the third most spoken language in New Zealand is this language, an official language in Pago Pago and Apia.39327

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