For the birds

By morbeedo.

(2/-1) Follow this federal government agency on Twitter, @USFWS, to keep current with its Migratory Bird Program.5168
(4/-2) This sometimes sacred long-legged wading bird with a four letter name uses its long, down-curved bill to probe for food in shallow water and wetlands.5618
(6/-3) To get close to their avian subjects without being seen, wildlife photographers may take position in a hidden spot known by this 5-letter word.52112
(8/-4) This branch of zoology deals with the scientific study of birds.6104
(10/-5) These 5 words complete the title of the 2014 film, a Best Picture winner, about a washed-up film actor trying to revive his career by taking on a more down-to-earth role on Broadway.21638

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